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Power of Touch Technologies

Power of Touch Technologies is a Research and Development company, specializes in Biometric Smartcard Technology.

The M -SMART Project

In just 2 years, the M-Smart Project helped transform Madeira into an example for future technologies. The Project tested Biometric cards in several different areas with successful outcomes.

The M-SMART Project is a technology R&D initiative, led by Power of Touch, Technologies, and financed by IDERAM under the Madeira 2020 Pro-Science program. It is supported by the Regional Government of Madeira which also assisted the Madeira Living Lab Project. The Living Lab gave the opportunity to test Biometric security technologies in numerous public and private sectors. 

So, what exactly happened during the M-Smart Project?

First, Power of Touch had to identify the needs of each entity and figure out which possible application of the biometric card technology should be used. Then, they took care of the design and development of the biometric cards. In addition, they created a digital platform to support cloud services and API’s, manage web and mobile apps.

Meanwhile, at the University of Madeira, a research team managed to increment the features of the card carrier and create new interfaces.

Thanks to the M-Smart Project we learned a lot about biometric smartcard technology. We managed to try out prototypes and implement them for wider use. We collected proof and data about its abilities and efficiency.

The biometric cards, carriers and digital platform are useful for:

Take Away

With the help of biometric technology, we could modernize several sectors in Madeira while improving the quality of life. We proved that the island is welcoming new technologies and forward-thinking. Madeira is quickly becoming a technology hub and a starting point for innovative ideas.

The M-Smart Project started the future. And tomorrow is at our fingertips.


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